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By hosting a Panel, Workshop, Game, or other Event, you help make the convention fun and awesome. We are excited you are considering sharing your knowledge, humor, or talent with the rest of the con!

Please submit as early as you can!
We will cut off submissions after we have filled the schedule, so please submit your event early. All submissions after that point can not be considered for placement. If yours is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with the day and time that you are scheduled a month before the convention.

Give fans what they need!
Topics of all Panel, Workshop, or Events should be related to some aspect of our convention's main genre focus. Some examples are Anime, Art, TV, Movies, Manga / Books, J-pop, Fashion, Food, Language, Martial Arts, Video Games, etc. If it is felt that your submission does not fit into the scope of the convention or is inappropriate, we might not approve your submission. In general we try to be accomodating, and most submissions are approved if they are relevant and have a nice description.

Flexibility is required!
First and foremost we ask for your flexibility with scheduling. You will be able to request time preferences, and our programmers will do their best to accommodate you, but we can not guarantee specific time spots. Everyone wants their panel on Saturday afternoon - but we have to put some of the best panels early Friday and late Sunday so that people have a reason to stay all weekend, so we can't make any promises about where we will put your panel. If you are scheduled and are unable to attend, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so that we may make other arrangements.

Please let us know your needs in detail!
If you require special equipment for your Panel, Workshop, or Event please let us know in your submission. We may be able to prevent you from strapping your big screen TV on the hood of your car and hauling it to the convention. We have projectors and speakers, but we need to know that you need one (mac users need to bring their own VGA adapters).

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will do our best to be of assistance to you! If you would like to host a panel, offer a workshop, or host an event at the con, please fill out the submission form.

FAQs for Panelists

Do I get a free badge for running a panel?
Yes, under the right conditions. We provide ONE free badge per panel. This must be assigned to one of the panelists, not to a friend, and you must fill out the form online in advance. We do not welcome low-quality panel submissions that are only submitted to get a free badge. Panelists who have not put thought, care, and time into planning for their panel will not be approved nor get a free badge. Applications for panelists badges are not currently open.

Can my panel be any length?
Almost all panels are going to be an hour long. Our form requests information on how long you need for setup, but this typically only helps us in deciding when to place your event - it's very unlikely that you'll be given a slot longer than an hour. Only exceptional events that have emailed us in advance can get permission.

Can I pick the time for my panel?
Our form asks for your preferred times, but we can not guarantee any time slot for you. We will assign spots based on your preferences, then based on availability, but we can not move other people's panels in order to accomodate yours.

What equipment can I have for my panel?
Usually a projector and a microphone is the most we can offer. We can not give you a laptop or other equipment to use. If you have a MAC or other laptop, you need to have all the equipment to connect it to a VGA projector.

Are all panels accepted?
We try very hard to include everyone in our convention. Sometimes we don't have the space, time, or equipment to accomodate every event. If you haven't heard from us, please be patient, as inquiries about scheduling only delay our ability to make the schedule more quickly.

How many panels can I be in?
You can only host a maximum of four panels yourself, and you can only be in, including those four, a maximum of six panels. We know you may think you can handle it, but we won't make exceptions to this rule, because we want to give everyone a fair shot at being in panels or hosting their own.

How many panelists can be in one panel?
There is a limit of five (5) panelists/cosplayers on one panel. The space we hold for panel hosts is not large enough to accommodate more panelists. All panelists/participants/cosplayers/etc must be selected prior to the panel, except in cases of audience participation gameshows or similar.

When do I find out if my panel is accepted?
We will email you with the time and day of your panel as soon as we know, which is usually about 1-2 months before the convention. If we have not posted the schedule to the website yet, chances are that it has not been finished yet.

What do I get for doing a panel?
Mostly, the love and adoration of our staff and all our attendees. We want panelists who run events for the love of their favorite show, event, or game. However, in recognizing that doing panels can take quite a lot of time and energy, panelists who organize and lead a panel will qualify for free admission (one free pass for one panel). We want you to spend a lot of time practicing or preparing to make great events. There are no refunds on badges already purchased for panelists, so please submit your panels and request approval early.

Sometimes we may give out prizes and thank yous to superb panelists.

I have more questions!
Please email us, we'll be happy to help!

I have more questions!
Send us an email, we'll be happy to help!

Convention is 4 weeks or less, so you can not submit now.
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