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Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, only after approval.


As we did last year, this year we are vetting our vendors and artists.
So, if you are wanting to vend in 2020 you must be approved by the committee before you can buy your spot. Once approved, you will be issued a special code for your spot that will allow you to buy your vending booth. Once paid, you’re set and your spot is reserved.

Vendor now open! This year there are premium spots such as end spots, corners and wall space for both artists and vendors. You have to contact vendor relations before a code will be given allowing you to purchase your booth.

Vendor Booth Types:
Vendor booths come with 1 table, 2 badges per 10×10. ((so a 10×20 would have 2 tables and 4 badges.))
You can bring extra tables to fill as much of the spot as you like, or special request extra tables but extras depend on the venue.

Vendor premium spots will be $250.00 per 10×10. These will show as darker blue on the map below.

Vendor General location will still be $200.00 per 10×10. these will be shown as light blue on the map below.

Vendor Diamond level Premium booth. This is a 10×20 that shows on the map as Red. These booths are the most premium due to being approximately marked as D1 & D2 and runs $1100.00 for the weekend.

This year due to selling out of vendor spaces each show we will not be doing discounts on booths at Animore this year due to their high demand.

Artist Booth Types:
Artist booths come with 1 table, 1 badges per artist booth

Artists premium spots will be $175.00 these will be shown as dark purple on the map below.
General location will still be $150.00. These will be shown in light purple on the map below

So make sure to apply for your spot right away to reserve your spot early as they do sell out quickly!

To apply for your booth Email our vendor-director with the information below:

((Know that every single vendor booth number shown is a 10×10. [example B-15] Then stack with the one next to it is what makes a 10×20, 10×30, etc.
Then each artist booth is just a single artist booth per number [for example At-15].)) Also, it takes us time to update

Your Name:
Your booth name:
Vendor or Artist:
The number of the booth applied for:
The second choice for the booth applied for: ((So if the first choice sold before you mailed. it takes some time to update the floor plan.))
3 pictures of your booth:
Number of badges needed:

((only wall booths are near power, so if you need power, choose a wall booth, bring a power cord and be aware that the hotel MIGHT charge a connection fee.))

Below is an example of a vendor application and an Artist application.

We hope you will join us at our annual anime convention and help us support area anime fans.

Vendor Application Example:

Your Name: MarrySue-ann Bizmight
Your booth name: Marry-Ann’s Custom plush
Vendor or Artist: Vendor
The number of the booth applied for: B-1 & B2.
The second choice for the booth applied for: B-3 & B-4
Number of badges needed: I know I get 4 badges with my booth. But I only need 2 please. ((this can be changed later on.))
3 pictures of your booth: (3 attached photos here)

Artist Application Example:

Your Name: JinnyJohn Martinalto
Your booth name: Johns Art
Vendor or Artist: Artist
The number of the booth applied for: AT-25
The second choice for the booth applied for: AT-23
Number of badges needed: 2. I know I only get 1 with my booth but my friend Jim want’s to come, so I’ll pay for the Artist helper weekend pass. Code please?
3 pictures of your booth: "I don’t have pictures of a booth since I’m a new artist, so, here’s a link to my portfolio!

Extra Vendor/Artist badges are NOT to be sold to other people. They are only for the vendor/artist and their helper. Badges being sold in the past is why we have had to set badge limits on booths.

The Dark Tan represents the entrance.
The Light Tan is the walkways.
Dark Green is the sold out booths.
Light Green is the booths under negotiation at the time of the photos upload.
Light blue are 10×10 regular vendor booths for $200.
Dark blue are 10×10 premium vendor booths for $250.
Light purple are regular Artist booths for $150.
Dark purple are Premium Artist booths for $175.

((With the Artist spaces we are speaking with a activities group that may take up AT-22 through AT-32 so please do not choose those booths while we are negotiating.))

If you have anyquestions or need any help please message us at
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AniMore 2020 Artists sold out. Artist registration has filled up. The waiting list is closed, we will not be able to accept more artists. Check again for future years.

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