Vic Mignogna

Vic has been acting for stage and screen since he was 8 years old. But he started his career in anime fifteen years ago as Vega in Streetfighter II. Since then Vic has been in more than two hundred shows and video games, known for such roles as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamaki Suou in Ouran High School Host Club, Zero in Vampire Knight, Yoshimori in Kekkaishi, Death Scythe in Soul Eater, Fai in Tsubasa Chronicle, Dark in DN Angel, Kurz in Full Metal Panic, Broly in Dragonball Z, Kougaijji in Saiyuki, Ikkaku in Bleach, Yukito in Air, Takanaga in Wallflower, Tatsu in Peacemaker, Luciano in Code Geass, Virgil Walsh in Trinity Blood, Hikaru in Macross and many more. Currently Vic recently played Keldeo in the new Pokemon movie, as well as roles G4’s Wolverine and Iron Man series, and the original Mass Effect movie. Vic is currently playing roles in Attack On Titan, Space Dandy, Karneval, Tiger & Bunny, Digimon Fusion, Sword Art Online, Nura, La Grange and several others. Vic has also voiced roles in a large number of video games including Soul Calibur, Disgaea, Dynasty Warriors, Persona III, Avengers, Pac Man, Sonic Colours, DBZ, Bleach, FMA and more. But even longer than his voice acting, Vic has been a professional music composer / singer / producer who has written and produced hundreds of pieces for TV, radio and CD. He sings the themes for shows like One Piece & DBGT, and has produced several CDs of his own original music, all available on iTunes. Finally, in addition to anime and music, Vic has a degree in film and is deeply involved as an actor and director in several web series and is executive producing a brand new TOS based series “Star Trek Continues”, where he is not only directing, but fulfilling a childhood dream of playing the iconic role of Captain Kirk. Vic works regularly writing, producing and directing video and film productions of all kinds.

Emily Neves VA

Emily Neves

Emily Neves is a Voice Actor and ADR Director for Sentai Filmworks and Funimation. She has voiced over 75 roles in anime, including Kanade "Angel" Tachibana in Angel Beats, Kotomi Ichinose in Clannad, Uryuu Minene (9th) in Future Diary, Saki Watanabe in From the New World, Princess Lenessia in Log Horizon, Yuu. Naruse in Watamote, Mimay in Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and many more. She directed the English dubs of Watamote, Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen, Maid-Sama, Dog and Scissors, and Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions. She won Best. Lead Performance by a female VA in Anime Movie/Special for her role as Inga in Un-go in 2012, and was nominated for the same award in 2013 for Yuuko in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. She was nominated for Female VA of the year for 2012 and 2013. She is also a noted stage actor at the Alley Theatre Stages Repertory Theatre, and the Clasical Theatre Company. In her sparse spare time, she writes plays and screenplays, sings, works out, and plays the guitar.

Anthony Bowling

Anthony Wesley Bowling is an American actorand voice actor, who works for Funimation. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series, the best known of which is Ukyoin Samurai 7. He has also voiced the following roles: Tulio Oritio from Is this a zombie? Shiro Ashiya/Demon General Alchiel from The Devil is a part-timer, Shin Fukuhara from Baka and Test and is thrilled to be joining the conventions's lineup this year.

Felecia Angelle

Felecia Angelle is a voice actress in Dallas, TX by way of Lafayette, LA. Her hobbies include reading, playing videogames (poorly), and trying really hard to get someone else to write her bio. You can hear her voice all up in your anime, as well as coming through the TV to sell toys to your kids. Felecia loves character work almost as much as she loves eating too much pizza and buying more books than she can possibly read. Her recent work includes The Hero Emilia/ Emi Yusa in The Devil Is A Part-Timer!, Perona in One Piece, Shinoa in Seraph of the End, Nozomi Moritomo in The Rolling Girls, Supreme Kai of Time in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Aoi Asahina in the upcoming dub of Danganronpa: The Animation.

Mark Lancaster

Mark Lancaster has provided voices for such FUNimation properties as Detective Conan, The Galaxy Railways, and FullMetal Alchemist. His most notable anime appearances are Daiz in Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might and Kureha in Grappler Baki. After moving to Chicago in 2007, Mark attended the MFA Acting program at The Theatre School at DePaul University, and has been working on various stage and screen productions since his graduation in 2012. Mark is also an Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, a member of the Chicago burlesque troupe Vaudezilla, and is a regular model for creature effects makeup with Kosart Effects Studios.

Aaron Rabe

Since the age of 11, Aaron Rabe has been creating and crafting costumes and movie props. Over time, he has made creation his career, now being a full-time cosplayer and professional prop builder. He has won a series of awards for his world famous Jack Sparrow, including multiple Best in Show, best performer, and best returning performer at Renaissance Fairs and many large conventions including Wizard World. Aaron's movie props have been featured in multiple independent films and worn by multiple celebrities. His props have earned over 35 awards for their screen accuracy and craftsmanship. Aside from his costumes, he also has a love for theatre and music, having acted in over 40 plays and performed in different bands over the last 15 years. Aaron has also taken his experience on the stage and moved it behind the scenes: making sets, producing and directing. Performing and making people smile everywhere is his favorite pastime, because it's about the journey not the destination.


Cubbi has won Miss Jovani's Miss South Carolina 2011-2012 as well as Miss Shining Stars Supreme Beauty. She has also won South Carolina's Top Model 2012-2013 and Miss South Carolina's top talent 2012- 2013 with her acrobatic contortion. Some of her past modeling photo shoots had been cosplayed themed, which led to a comic book convention asking her to be a guest. Her love of comic books, video games, and anime had her gladly accepting. Aside from being a professional cosplay model; Cubbi plays video games competitively, is the official cosplay model for the character 'Kellacun' from The Wererat's Tale by Shane Moore, and attends every comic convention she can. If she's not behind a video game controller, you can find her in front of the camera.

Cosplay Inc

CosPlay Inc will be coming to Tri City Anime Con. Cosplay Inc is a group of cosplayers who bring their characters to life with their replica mystery machine van from scooby doo and Jurassic park tour vehicle. Guests get a fully immersive experience taking photos and meeting characters from the Jurassic park series and the scooby doo gang! They even have souvenirs and art available! And if you feel like helping your local community, cosplay inc always has space in the mystery machine to accept food and clothing for those in need and are donated after every convention!

Kamikaze Miko

Kamikaze Miko, an east coast cosplayer, noted for her video game cosplays, and being an advocate against cosplay bullying. She loves to cosplay as champions from Riot Games, League of Legends, which even got her recognized by Riot Games and featured her in their own Summoners Showcase. She frequently speaks out against cosplay bullying, even helping and giving advice to those getting into the hobby. She loves video games, anime, and at times dresses up at her job at Six Flags for the Halloween season. Her most known cosplay is Karma from League of Legends, but she's also noted for doing a lot of gender bends, from Nick Fury to Ryze. So don't be afraid to say, 'Hello!' to her, she's always smiling and willing to give a hug to people, both new and old, that meets her.

Rhoulette Cosplay

After winning the 2013 League of Legends Mask Contest (Community Vote) for her Justicar Syndra mask, Rhou (a stage name coined from her valiant raiding days on World of Warcraft) has always been a firm believer in “Cosplay is for everyone”. Her passion for PC and console games started at the age of 5 when she used to watch her stepfather play Heroes of Might and Magic. Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura and all things Toonami (from late 90’s into the early 2000’s) played a huge influence on her reverence of anime. However, it wasn’t until August 2014 that she discovered another love for crafting, prop-making, costuming and painting—among the core skills found in all types of cosplay. Rhou is passionate about pushing the boundaries of her costumes, often challenging herself to adopt new skills in order to expand and improve upon her craftsmanship. Only recently learning how to sew from a dear friend and fellow cosplayer, she added huge upgrades to her Ravenborn LeBlanc cosplay after finding opportunities in her prior versions. This new skill awarded her a spot among the “Chôsen” Top 20 during the Georgia Aquarium costume contest at Dragon Con 2015 co-hosted by Yaya Han. Although she didn’t place, she is still extremely proud of how far she has come in just over a year of cosplaying as well as her first time ever competing in a major costume competition. With her sights set on completing her League of Legends PROJECT: Leona cosplay in time for Katsucon 2016, she hopes to absorb more skills in shaping and customizing LED panels, programming Arduino boards, and experimenting with new foams, thermoplastics, molds, and resins. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and a Business minor from George Mason University and currently works full time as a repair technician.

Carrie Wood

Carrie Wood joins the lineup at AniMore after more than a decade in cosplaying and con-going. She has recently put her years of experience to paper as the author of The Overstreet Guide to Cosplay, which recently launched in November 2015. The Guide includes articles that focus on everything from hot-topic issues like Cosplay is Not Consent, to tutorials on a variety of subjects, to even a convention travel guide. Carrie is the Assistant Editor at Gemstone Publishing, the team behind The Overstreet Guide to Cosplay, and will be available to sign the book at her booth all weekend. Those looking to keep up with her cosplay throughout the year can find more information at her Facebook fan page at

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