These awesome guests will be attending, signing autographs, and doing panels all weekend. Thank you.

Felecia Angelle

Felecia Angelle is a voice actress in Dallas, TX by way of Lafayette, LA. Her hobbies include reading, playing videogames (poorly), and trying really hard to get someone else to write her bio. You can hear her voice all up in your anime, as well as coming through the TV to sell toys to your kids. Felecia loves character work almost as much as she loves eating too much pizza and buying more books than she can possibly read. Her recent work includes The Hero Emilia/ Emi Yusa in The Devil Is A Part-Timer!, Perona in One Piece, Shinoa in Seraph of the End, Nozomi Moritomo in The Rolling Girls, Supreme Kai of Time in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Aoi Asahina in the upcoming dub of Danganronpa: The Animation.

Aaron Rabe

Since the age of 11, Aaron Rabe has been creating and crafting costumes and movie props. Over time, he has made creation his career, now being a full-time cosplayer and professional prop builder. He has won a series of awards for his world famous Jack Sparrow, including multiple Best in Show, best performer, and best returning performer at Renaissance Fairs and many large conventions including Wizard World. Aaron’s movie props have been featured in multiple independent films and worn by multiple celebrities. His props have earned over 35 awards for their screen accuracy and craftsmanship. Aside from his costumes, he also has a love for theatre and music, having acted in over 40 plays and performed in different bands over the last 15 years. Aaron has also taken his experience on the stage and moved it behind the scenes: making sets, producing and directing. Performing and making people smile everywhere is his favorite pastime, because it’s about the journey not the destination.

Rhoulette Cosplay

After winning the community vote for the 2013 League of Legends Mask Contest for her Justicar Syndra mask, Rhoulette discovered a profound respect and love for armor-crafting, propmaking, sewing, and special effects. She decided to launch her cosplay career August of 2014 after contracting the “fever” (to which the only prescription was more cosplay)! Her first cosplay was of Officer Jinx, a fan-art skin she brought to life thanks to Party City and her closet. Since then, Rhou has debuted several League of Legends cosplays: Ravenborn LeBlanc, Debonair Jayce (genderbend), Battle Bunny Diana (fan-art skin), TPA Shen (genderbend), and PROJECT: Leona. In addition, she debuted her Han Solo (genderbend) at last year’s Animore! She’s passionate about pushing the boundaries of her costumes, often challenging herself to adopt new skills in order to expand and improve upon her craftsmanship. Rhou graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Applied Information Technology with concentration in Information Security and a minor in Business. She works full time in the video game industry and is currently working on a Huntress Widowmaker (Overwatch) cosplay with plans for BBQ Leona, Star Guardian Janna, and Program Soraka. Fun fact: she’s originally from Serbia and speaks Serbian fluently!

Man At Arms

Man At Arms, from Baltimore, the best fantasy weapons black smithing group in the world. They have a 4 million subscriber YouTube channel. Matt Stagmer, host and bladesmith, has been making swords for 17 years. He is the lead blade grinder at Baltimore Knife and Sword. In the summer of 2014 he began hosting the hit web series MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED. Teamed with other talented craftsmen, he brings to life the most requested fantasy arms and armor from your favorite video games, anime, and other pop culture genres. Ilya Alekseyev was born in Troitsk, Russia. Since an early age he developed a liking to the art and craftsmanship of bladed weapons. He likes to bring his background in Art History, Asian Studies, and Philosophy into his craft. Ilya is currently an Armourer working with Baltimore Knife and Sword as well as one of the product designers. Among the skills that he brings to the Man at Arms project are his expertise in armour, damascus steel, bloomery steel, and engraving.

Sleeping Samurai

Sleeping Samurai entertains with cool and historical boffer weapons. Learn how to make your own and how to battle. Sleeping Samurai is a company dedicated to bringing a Unique, High Quality, Dependable and Respectful Interactive Entertainment Experience to events and attendees throughout the US!

Chuck Huber

Chuck Huber started acting in Anime in the roles of Garlic Jr. and Android 17 in DBZ. Since then he has voiced hundreds of characters including Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Mohji in One Piece, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Han in Blue Gender, Hiro in Shin Chan, Ashe in Black Butler, Reever in D. Gray Man, Hector in Glass Fleet, Yuichi in Initial D., Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Melt in The Tower of Druaga, Adashino in Mushishi, Eric Nishijima in Darker Than Black, Havel in Trinity Blood, Austria in Hetalia and many more. He has been a writer on Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, Baccano, Spice and Wolf and others. As a filmmaker Chuck has acted, produced, written or directed for Arbor Day – The Musical, The Troubadoors, The Fragility of Seconds, The Mechanical Grave, Odd Man Out among others. He began acting in Chicago at the Goodman Theater, Court Theater, Steppenwolf Theater after graduating from DePaul University and continues to work on stages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most recently he played Hugh Jameison in the movie Parkland, produced by Tom Hanks and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Giamatti. He plays Colonel Kashoid in the upcoming AmeriGeddon, plays Dr. McCoy in Star Trek Continues, and Dean Hansen in Season 2 of American Crime.

The Slants

ortland’s The Slants are the first and only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world. They offer up catchy dance beats, strong hooks, and a bombastic live show that is “not to be missed” (The Westword). The Willamette Week says “While the band may well be best experienced live, Slants releases always promise a few blistering, note-perfect singles.” The music is the perfect combination of 80’s driven synth pop with hard-hitting indie, floor-filling beats which fans affectionately dub as “Chinatown Dance Rock.”

In addition to the music, the band is actively involved with helping marginalized communities, leading discussions on race and identity, and raising awareness of social justice issues.

They’ve been featured on Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco, BBC, NPR, MTV, and over 1,500 radio stations, tv shows, magazines, and websites across 85 countries.

20 international tours, including appearances in 48 of 50 U.S states, have led to headlining showcases at major festivals such as SXSW, MusicfestNW, San Diego Comic-Con, and Dragon Con.
Two recent music videos feature martial arts choreography by Sammo Hung (The Matrix, Ip Man, & Enter the Dragon) and feature international stars Daniel Wu and Shu Qi.

They’ve won “Album of the Year” and “Editor’s Choice” from dozens of magazines, including Willamette Week, LA Weekly, Shojo Beat, Village Voice, City Beat, and Rockwired.

Whether rocking music halls, anime conventions, maximum-security prisons, colleges, or army bases, it’s clear that The Slants’ infectious brand of “so damn good” music will leave you wanting more” (MRU Magazine).

Fritz Cosplay

It all started at the age of 12 when Joleen (aka Fritz Cosplay) was sketching out ideas for characters in unique dresses or strange outfits. Those sketches itched to come out and be real, and so they did. Otakon 2006 was her first convention and 44 conventions later, she has no plans on stopping. Hoping to spread the word of cosplay/costuming, and how she got going from not knowing anything about sewing or making her own costumes to making unique outfits and elaborate ball gowns. Learning to sew on her own with some assistance from her mom was tough, but thankfully to one of her best friends for helping her tune her skills there is almost nothing she can’t handle. She has won awards including 1st place at Nipponcon (2015), and best in show at AniMore (2016). Her costume count is roughly around 50 outfits. Fritz cosplay is a lover of anime, manga, k-drama’s, video games and of course Disney! Fritz cosplay is also a character performer with an amazing company called Faerie Fantastical Parties, who loves to make special visits to hospitals and children’s birthday parties. Don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with her!

Anthony Bowling

Anthony Wesley Bowling is an American actor and voice actor, who works for Funimation. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series, the best known of which is Ukyoin Samurai 7. He has also voiced the following roles: Tulio Oritio from Is this a zombie? Shiro Ashiya/Demon General Alchiel from The Devil is a part-timer, Shin Fukuhara from Baka and Test and is thrilled to be joining the conventions’s lineup this year.


A fan of video games and animation, MarzGurl finally became a self-proclaimed anime fan in 2004 and began attending anime conventions in the state of Texas. With the help of Shaun Chiaffa in mid-2004, the first “MarzGurl Productions” video from A-Kon in Dallas, Texas was shot and produced. It was the dream of Chiaffa and MarzGurl to make documentary-styled convention videos, although the projects did not quite end up going in that direction. By early 2006, Shaun Chiaffa had disappeared, leaving MarzGurl to produce videos on her own. She continues to search for Chiaffa to this day.

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