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To be a vendor or artist.
Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. However,
This year we are vetting our vendors so we do not have a lot of vending overlap of products offered.
So, if you are wanting to vend in 2019 you must be approved by the committee before you can buy your spot. Once approved, you will be issued a special code for your spot that will allow you to buy your vending booth. Once paid, you’re set!

Vendor and Artist booths are now open! This year there are premium spots such as end spots, corners and wall space for both artists and vendors. You have to contact vendor relations before a code will be given allowing you to purchase your booth.

Vendor premium spots will be $250.00, A general location will still be $200.00.

If you buy multiple General (Aka Regular) spots there will be a discount. So please let us know what size booth you desire.
(We do apologize, but there are no discounts on Premium booths due to their high demand.)

Artists premium spots will be $175.00 and a general location will still be $150.00.

So get your spot reserved early as they do sell out quickly!

Email our vendor-director with pictures of your set up:

We hope you will join us at our annual anime convention and help us support area anime fans.

Rules and information.

AniMore 2019 Artists sold out. Artist registration has filled up. The waiting list is closed, we will not be able to accept more artists no matter what. Check again for future years.

Dealer & Artist Registration Prices
$200.00      Please do NOT click this. You must E-mail us FIRST to receive a code then await approval     

Vendors for AniMore 2019

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